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Our award winning global AOG service is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Please call +44 1403 798888 or email aog@ajw-group.com.


Recovered spares can help lower maintenance costs


As a leading supplier of aircraft spare components and engines, AJW needs to ensure that we have the best quality inventory available across all our global hubs, and immediate access to spare parts for our AJW Technique repair centre. To do this, AJW sources suitable Airbus and Boeing airframes and engines for environmentally friendly in-house part-out.


We arrange for disassembly of used aircraft and engines in various locations around the world, coordinated by our technical team and engines specialists.


Materials from aircraft tear-downs are increasingly harvested from newly retired aircraft that are being replaced by airlines with more economical models such as the A320neo and the B787. This is happening more quickly than normal as technology changes and lighter aircraft have encouraged larger airlines and legacy carriers to evolve their fleets. This means that the majority of airlines who are currently operating older models with up to twenty years of flying life remaining, can be reassured that AJW will have a pool of high quality spare parts available to fully support their on-going operations.


This activity provides additional certified stock to support existing and new contractual customers, as well as satisfying demands from our rapidly growing ad-hoc engine and component parts sales and exchange business.



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