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Our award winning global AOG service is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Revolutionise your escape slide maintenance


One size does not fit all with maintenance programs. Repairing and testing escape slides is an expensive business so the efficient management of assets is key to optimising maintenance costs. AJW Group provides a total slide management program tailored to your specific needs.


AJW Technique offers fixed-price repairs, modifications, overhauls, entire fleet support programs, cost-per-aircraft per-month offerings and much more. All are backed by various flexible commercial terms focussed on driving down the total cost of ownership.


In addition, AJW offers exchange, loan, and outright sale on inflatables to support your fleet demands.

Slide fulfilment program


AJW Technique offers an efficient, flexible, and cost-effective complete slide management program to manage your scheduled removals.


Reduce out-of-service slides and AOG scenarios by sending your removal to AJW Technique and advising your forecasted removal schedule. Tailored to your operational demand, AJW will deliver a serviceable unit to you two weeks before the scheduled removal date, maximising the life on the aircraft.


AJW Technique in Montreal has performed slide maintenance for Air Canada since winning the initial 'fulfilment model' contract in 2013. Air Canada saw turn-around-times drop from 60-100 days to an average of 14 days and enjoyed tangible cost savings and a substantial reduction in out-of-service slides or AOG scenarios. We asked Air Canada why they chose to renew their contract with AJW Technique, "Quality and price should be a given between most MROs, so really the deciding factor stems around customer service and a proactive approach to problem-solving." 


We can help you unlock the answers...

Q: How much management time and oversight is typically required?

A: Our fulfilment program benefits the customer and the workshop, it allows us to plan with great accuracy what is coming in and when it needs to go out, therefore we can prepare the groundwork of manpower and allocation of piece parts well in advance. AJW account managers work with the customer and cell lead/planner to manage the plan and work done. Depending on the number of removals we estimate it takes 3-4 hours per week in scheduled calls and follow-ups.


Q: What is the implementation process? 

A: The implementation is based on strong communication between the account manager and the customer. Maintenance, whilst planned, can change depending on several factors (COVID-19 is a perfect example, fleet disruptions, parking aircraft, delays, restarts etc). Initial meetings are key to setting the first 3-6 month forecast, keeping the customer forecast current, ensuring qualified manpower, initial provisioning of piece parts, and replenishment.


Q: What happens to unscheduled removals? 

A: Unscheduled removals (deployments of slides) are not an uncommon occurrence. Whilst there is not necessarily a buffer in place (as we are planning weeks in advance and aim to have slides back to the customer a minimum of 2 weeks in advance) there is an allowance for flexibility of drop-in work.


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Specialist capability for Airbus A320 family, A330, A340, Boeing 737/767/777/787, and Embraer 170/175/190 aircraft types 

AJW Technique is regarded as one of the most efficient MRO providers in the world, with the ability to process 35,000 units per year across 6,000 part numbers. With over 200 employees, 75% of whom have an average of 25 years experience, you are assured of the highest quality service.

    • Capacity to manage full escape slide retrofit programs and SIL/AD embodiment
    • Complementary fleet planning options 'take the headache' out of inflatables management
    • Comprehensive inventory to meet customers' needs
    • Unique agreements with OEM partners and in-house repair knowledge with over 25 years of experience
    • Customer-specific financial solutions, designed around you for you
    • Reliability reporting to ensure regulatory compliance. Service bulletins recommendation and compliance
    • Dedicated teams to manage workflow throughout the maintenance process
    • 24/7 global AOG support when needed
    • Release certification for FAA, EASA, ANAC, TCCA, and regulatory bodies


Don't let the first time you test the quality of your inflatable provider be when you need to use it.  Contact AJW Technique to discuss our tailored support options for all your inflatable needs and requirements.


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