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Our award winning global AOG service is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Please call +44 1403 798888 or email aog@ajw-group.com.


Total coverage


The AJW service is all about component supply and management - from the continually refined inventory and exchange pool, to far-reaching overhaul and repair.


Geared towards a 'source and supply today' philosophy across a wide range of aircraft types, AJW provides unbeatable component, avionics and engine support, whether customers want to buy, exchange or loan, make a single purchase, or opt for a full provisioning package.


AJW is aligned to operators' financial objectives, helping them to plan and manage expenditure effectively. Our power-by-the-hour programmes offer coverage of all ATA Chapters with no restrictions or limitations. Coverage can also be determined against a defined list of part numbers.


AJW Technique offers comprehensive repair and overhaul programmes in support of the following ATA Chapters:


Airframe Systems

  • ATA 21 Air Conditioning and Pressurization
  • ATA 22 Auto Flight
  • ATA 23 Communications
  • ATA 24 Electrical Power
  • ATA 25 Equipment/Furnishings
  • ATA 26 Fire Protection
  • ATA 27 Flight Controls
  • ATA 28 Fuel
  • ATA 29 Hydraulic Power
  • ATA 30 Ice and Rain Protection
  • ATA 31 Indicating/Recording System
  • ATA 32 Landing Gear
  • ATA 33 Lights
  • ATA 34 Navigation
  • ATA 35 Oxygen
  • ATA 36 Pneumatic
  • ATA 38 Water/Waste
  • ATA 49 Airborne Auxiliary Power



  • ATA 52 Doors


Propeller / Rotor

  • ATA 61 Propellors - Propulsors
  • ATA 62 Main Rotor
  • ATA 63 Main Rotor Drive
  • ATA 64 Tail Rotor
  • ATA 65 Tail Rotor Drive
  • ATA 66 Folding Blades - Pylon
  • ATA 67 Rotors Flight Control


Power Plant

  • ATA 73 Engine - Fuel and Control
  • ATA 75 Bleed Air
  • ATA 78 Exhaust
  • ATA 79 Oil
  • ATA 80 Starting

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