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Easy does it | AviTrader MRO

25 Aug 2020

Keith Mwanalushi from AviTrader MRO speaks to Christopher Whiteside about the significance of the partnership as AJW Group renewed its seven-year complete supply chain solution contract with easyJet. Keith reports...

Good news in the aviation industry...

has come few and far between in the last few months so it was optimistically refreshing to see easyJet and AJW recently announce a continuation of their supply chain partnership which started in 2015.


In July, AJW announced it will continue to be responsible for around the clock planning and delivery of easyJet’s demand and supply requirements from inventory management across the airline’s extensive network; full component repair and overhaul services as well as the provision, storage and distribution of all rotable, consumable and expendable material.


AJW said the new seven-year contract introduces innovative solutions that will provide step-change improvements for the airline. AJW is developing and investing in process re-engineering and automation tools to drive superior performance, cost reduction and operational excellence across the board. AJW Technique, the Group’s MRO facility, will continue to play a significant role in the new contract as it repairs and overhauls easyJet components.


Christopher Whiteside, President and CEO of AJW Group says easyJet challenged AJW to set new and improved service levels that aim to minimises operational disruptions across their network to enhance their passenger experience.  He says easyJet benefits from assured service levels but at significantly reduced costs due to removing the airline’s requirement for seminal departments such as logistics and central warehousing; and a reduced requirement for specialist procurement and repair management teams as well as reducing the burden on finance.  


Easy does it | AviTrader MRO

"LCCs do not want to be distracted by owning large support functions with their associated cost,”


sates Whiteside. “LCC’s increasingly not only want greater access to repair management data but sophisticated analysis of that data to enable the airline’s to make evidence based decisions. AJW continues to invest in additional automation and data analytics to enhance transparency and knowledge of all activities that supports easyJet operations.”


With this new contract, easyJet says they want to ensure they remained focused on improving efficiency and value in order to enhance operational performance, whilst ensuring that safety remains the highest priority.


Whiteside responds: “This contract renewal strengthens AJW’s position as the world’s leading independent provider of component support programmes and the contract length demonstrates the confidence that leading airlines, like easyJet, place on our ability to go above and beyond to deliver at every step. This is a ground-breaking achievement for AJW Group and I am justifiably very proud of our team.”


Whiteside further confirms to AviTrader MRO that the contract covers easyJet’s full A320 fleet including both CEO and NEO aircraft components – “As the A320neo has over 95 percent airframe commonality in some cases the current CMM’s have been updated to reflect these part numbers. As the engine, airframe and cabin interior are different between the two models the CMM reference will differ but the repair principles are the same,” he explains.


A key operational enhancement is the introduction of an EU-hub in Malpensa, Italy, which will serve to further enhance operational efficiency across Europe. The EU-hub will supplement the current UK-hub to maximise up-time, availability and dispatch reliability, according to AJW.


When asked about the strategic reason of having the new EU-hub at Malpensa, Whiteside responds saying easyJet’s strategy is to minimise disruptions to their day-to-day operations; therefore, introducing an EU-hub will improve material support across their European network and will reduce the impact of AOG events. “The establishment of an EU-hub to augment the UK-hub provides increased operational resilience. In the post-BREXIT world, the introduction of the EU-hub will mitigate any potential cross border delays.”


The re-award of the contract to AJW was the result of a thorough tender process which started in January 2019.


Read the full article in the latest publication of AviTrader MRO


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