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Helping airlines 're-cover' in a carbon negative world | Aircraft Cabin Management

16 Jun 2022

Can airlines drive down costs, boost revenue and also reach the sunny uplands of sustainability?

Aircraft Cabin Management magazine spoke to Sohaib Ahmed, Programme Manager for Interiors at AJW Group, who thinks so.


Committed to NetZero, the aviation industry is on a precipice. Faced with increasing demand from their customers to act on historically empty eco-rhetoric, airlines are laser focussed on driving down costs, boosting revenue, and reaching the sunny uplands of sustainability. AJW Group think airlines can do all these things with the help of SkyLeather®, a revolutionary new material developed in Serbia, home to Europe’s world-class automotive interiors manufacturing industry.


AJW Group plans to leverage its considerable experience within supply chains and MRO markets to propel its newest venture, AJW Technique Interiors, to new heights. Mounting a one-stop-shop, bespoke interiors offering onto the tried and tested template of world-class parent entity, AJW Technique (Montreal), was an easy win, and the official public launch of the company at AIX2022 in June heralds yet another success-laden diversification for this entrepreneurial organisation.


From nose to tail

AJW Technique Interiors was created in 2021 after signing a ten-year partnership agreement with Autostop Aviation, the largest and most prolific seat cover manufacturing company in Europe.


A match made in interiors heaven, the alliance offers airlines an effective nose-to-tail interiors solution extending a tried and tested supply chain, fulfilment and MRO service, promising excellent reductions in transportation costs and delays.


The new company delivers a fully tailored solution for the design, development and production of replacement seat covers in the revolutionary new synthetic leather, SkyLeather®. 



Designed by Autostop’s experts, SkyLeather® is a vegan, eco-friendly material available in any colour and grain. Adapted to the exacting quality and compliance standards of the aviation industry, it is cost-effective, lightweight, and durable, as well as being soft to the touch, easy to clean and antimicrobial; something considered essential in a pathogen-aware post-pandemic world.


Lean manufacturing and embedded Six Sigma principles result in seat covers that are manufactured to a tolerance of 1mm and released with EASA Form 1 certification; AJW Technique Interiors already enjoys active and full partnerships with EASA Part 21J and EASA Part 21G organisations.


Seat cover manufacturing, carpet kitting, headrest covers, literature pockets and life vest pouches are also on offer, along with unparalleled savings driven by economies of scale.


Helping airlines 're-cover' in a carbon negative world | Aircraft Cabin Management

Lighter than Leather

Up to 25% lighter than leather hide seat covers, SkyLeather® is a lightweight synthetic material that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of an aircraft. For example, an A320 operator could save an estimated 16,000 kgs of fuel and reduce their carbon footprint by over 50,000 kgs per year, per aircraft.


As well as substantial cost savings, the 100% Polyurethane (PU) material has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is formulated to allow an easier fitting process for complex seat shapes - meaning seat covers stay the same shape and look freshly installed for longer.


At AJW Technique Interiors we know that airlines can save money, boost revenue, and reduce their carbon footprint by investing in smart interiors technologies. Our mission is to persuade airlines to think creatively, to seek out large independent experts with years of experience of driving efficiencies in other areas of the aviation support sector, as beacons of change. Change that is urgently needed for the survival of international transport.


Get in contact with Sohaib Ahmed to find out how AJW Technique Interiors can help you.



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