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Sustainability & Beyond | Aircraft Cabin Management

18 Jan 2024

As the world strives for a sustainable future, the aviation industry faces an urgent call to ramp up efforts in environmental responsibility. AJW is part of the global movement working towards greener skies and a more sustainable world. What is industry leader AJW Group doing to contribute to a more environmentally friendly future?

In a Q & A interview with AJW Chief Commercial Officer, Scott Symington, Aircraft Cabin Management asks questions about the Group’s sustainability practices and how it is working towards building a greener aviation industry. “We prioritise the repair, reuse, and recycling of aircraft components,” says Symington.

He speaks about the Group's commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) early in 2023 and how sustainability is embedded as a core value in the company’s operations.

The business is committed to the four pillars of the UNGC, which include human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Addressing the matter of human rights and labour, the Group Legal and People teams work tirelessly to uphold internationally declared human rights ensuring these principles deeply permeate the company’s corporate governance.

Having a zero-tolerance policy for corruption across the business, all staff undergo mandatory compliance training every year to ensure an ethical business environment and maintain the brand reputation of AJW.


Sustainability & Beyond | Aircraft Cabin Management

Various teams within the company prioritise sustainability within their operations, and the procurement team and sustainability partner work to source more eco-friendly packaging materials, efficient waste management systems, and localise the Group suppliers to reduce its carbon footprint.

Sustainable products such as AJW Technique Interiors’ environmentally friendly seat covering SkyLeather®, impact AJW’s eco efforts. The revolutionary product provides significant fuel burn reduction for operators, is water-based, and has many advantages over traditional leather.

The business has reduced its operational carbon footprint by introducing solar panels to power its headquarters and additional features has a rainwater harvesting system. The Group annually reports on its energy consumption and carbon footprint and is progressing towards powering AJW Technique Europe with solar energy.

Sustainability is a commitment that involves everyone at AJW Group,” says Symington who affirms that through the company’s internal communications and training initiatives, staff are made aware of its sustainability efforts.

“We believe that success in sustainability requires the commitment of all parties involved, from top leadership to our valued customers and suppliers.”



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